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Do you know the price of freedom?

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Made me kill you

I was forced to stare into the darkness,
while you stood beside me,
doing what no reason can ever justify.
Nothing makes me hate this world more than your enjoyment with me being numb.

I wish it would end here
wish I could stop you
wish I could, but then
you make me kill you.

I was forced to shiver, to shake of anxiety
while I heard your sick laughter,
doing what no mortal can ever forgive.
Desperately pretending not to break or cry or show any weakness.

I wish it would end here
wish I could stop you
wish I could, but instead
you make me kill you.

I was forced to take it, get over it
while you enjoy your madness,
doing what no love can ever heal.
You engraved your psychotic illness
on my memory, to eternity.

I wish it would've ended there
wish I could've stopped you
wish I could've, but then
you made me kill you.

And now, that you're dead, you're gone.
You still consume my mind.
You will be the parasite in my head forever. I love you.

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Der Preis der Freiheit - The Price of Freedom

Der Preis der Freiheit ist hoch, so hoch, dass er mit keinem Geld zu bezahlen ist. Freiheit erfordert Opfer, die weit größer sind als alle Reichtümer, die diese Welt anzubieten hat. Jeder hat seine individuelle Vorstellung von Freiheit. Für mich ist frei sein gleich sorglos sein, befreit von Problemen, Grenzen, Negativem. Für mich ist diese Freiheit ein Ziel. mein ultimatives Lebensziel. Freiheit wird mein Vermächtnis werden.


The Price of Freedom is steep. So steep, actually, that noone can afford it with money. Freedom requires tributes much bigger than all wealth this world ever has to offer. Everyone has his own, individual definition of freedom. To me, to be free means to be unworried, unchained from problems, limits and all negative kind. To me, this freedom is a goal - my ultimate life goal. Freedom shall be my legacy.

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